How many gallons of paint do i need for 1500 square feet?

Therefore, an average 1200 to 1500 square foot hiking house would require 12 to 15 gallons of good quality paint for approximately two coats. This number also includes coating paint, overhangs, and ceiling panels. Standard size doors measure approximately 20 square feet. Add up how many of each are in your project space and subtract those square feet from the square footage of wall painting.

Divide the new final number by 400 to get the best estimate of how many gallons of paint you'll need for a coat on your walls and ceiling (minus any doors and windows you're not painting). Skirting boards, windows, doors, and ceiling moldings in a room are usually painted with a different finish or color than the walls and ceiling, so you can calculate your molding painting needs separately. Per gallon, so you'll need a little more primer than paint. Take the total area above and divide that number by 300 to get the minimum gallons of primer you will need for one coat.

The typical rule of thumb is one gallon per three hundred to four hundred square feet. However, some paint formulas and wall textures may require more specific quantities. Find a paint store near you. One gallon of any BEHR paint is enough to cover 250 to 400 square feet of surface with a single coat.

While all paint jobs are different, there are some variables that are sure to affect the cost of your project. This support creates uneven spraying and even paint build-up that appears in the intermediate process, so keep this effect in mind, if you know how to handle it well, you can also improve the overall quality. The main thing to worry about is painting when it's too cold (I think they say never paint below 38 degrees farenheit). They have a tester to see if it's a lead-based paint, but chances are it won't be unless it's an extremely old house.

Many people assume you'll need twice as much paint, but since the first coat covers many porous areas that would normally absorb paint, the second coat uses much less paint. You can always go back and get a couple extra gallons if needed, but you can't return paint that's already tinted. Since one gallon of paint equals 350 square feet, the estimate divides it by 350, since one gallon represents the total area. Applying the primer first helps the paint to adhere properly to porous or unpainted surfaces such as new drywall, allows for even application of paint, and covers stains.

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