Why paint house blue?

They look great when posting photos and evoke brightness and light that can make a home look bigger, Kerrie Kelly, a home design expert at Zillow, told Forbes via email. Like the sky itself, blue has many moods. A bright blue house can look fun, especially when adorned with crisp pure white. The slate blues of gray tones and the dark midnight blue houses almost black suggest a calm dignity.

Deep red accents can add richness to darker blues. And where does purple fall on color wheels? Tones and shades are inventions of color, such as the Majorelle blue shown here, a color registered by the French artist Jacques Majorelle. The images in this gallery suggest ways in which you can use blue colors in your home painting project, or maybe you want to create your own mix. As a culture, the practice of painting roofs blue spreads throughout the south from generation to generation.

The main reason may be keeping insects at bay, but that's not the whole story. It is believed that dark blue, commonly known as “dark blue”, can be used to ward off spirits in the deep south. The reason why navy blue is so successful in the house you show is because there are a huge amount of white trim details on windows, doors, gutters, dashboards, etc. Are you ready to add those white details to your home? You can use almost any color for entrance doors with blue houses.

We love red, orange, green, white, black, blue gray and warm wood stains for blue houses. We look at each of them in the photos below, but these are two of our favorites. Why? Painting walls with fresh, natural-looking colors, particularly in shades of blue and pale gray, not only makes the house look bigger, but is also neutral enough to help future buyers imagine living in space, says Gudell. The incorporation of light blue in kitchens and bathrooms can pay off especially well, as the color complements white countertops and cabinets, a growing trend in both rooms.

I lived across the street from a blue house for 20 years, and I enjoyed the color more than the owners because I saw it every time I looked out the window. Add character and charm by painting your window trim and architectural details in a contrasting accent color. Whether your style is more of a light shade like Iced Slate (2130-60), or darker like Oxford grey (2128-40), a blue-gray exterior paint could be the perfect neutral blue for your home. An old blue porch roof brought good luck to the house, along with evil spirits blocking the doors of the house due to their inability to cross the waters, so the house remained quiet and peaceful.

With all the work you put into painting your house, a window air conditioner or a more permanent satellite dish can quickly destroy the appeal of your home. A house painted green would be lost in heavily wooded land, while a bright color might seem too cheeky where landscaping is scarce. However, it can be seen that some of his personal testimonies indicate that there were fewer spiders and wasps after painting the roof of the porch blue a few months ago. Other of the best results were bathrooms painted in comparatively cool neutral tones, such as light gray or oatmeal.

There is nothing like paint to transform the exterior appearance of your home, but since there is no shortage of shades to choose from, it can be difficult to make a final selection. Whether natural, gray, light or dark, wood is a beautiful complement against the blue color of the paint. I like to see exterior paints, like powdery blue, just blue, well, I'm not very good with colors, but when I see it I'm going to say it's okay. The house below uses BM Pale Oak for the white color and the magnificent BM Caliente for the front door.


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