Can house paint be used on canvas?

Honestly, house paint works quite well on a primed canvas - it is usually quite opaque and light-resistant, and can be purchased in bulk for quite a cheap price. The problem? House paint is not intended for painting on canvas, and its longevity can vary greatly, depending on the brand and other factors. Acrylic and oil paints are designed to last for centuries, but the same cannot be said for painting for houses. So if you're looking to create a masterpiece that you can give to your grandchildren, stay away from those things.

Household oil-based paint would be a worse solution as a primer, since that means the oil will touch the canvas and that's part of the reason you print the canvas, to keep the oil from touching the canvas. The rows of gorgeous looking paintings in your art supply store give you all the sensations, and you kind of want to buy everything you see. Let's take a look at each of them to examine the differences between interior paint, exterior paint, and artist's oil painting. As I say in the article, many artists have used house paint in various ways in the past and there is no right way to make art.

I can use plaster on vinyl posters and then paint with household paint and then use varnish or a medium spray sealer. I paint geometric paintings with large blocks of colors and it was very difficult for me to achieve a uniform effect without the very noticeable brushstrokes that I obtained with artist's paintings. If you want to paint with hot paint, you can try encaustic, where the pigment is mixed with beeswax and applied hot - it dries quickly, as soon as it cools. Fine art paint is manufactured with individual pigments whenever possible, so artists have full control over how to mix them, as well as with binders that optimize color clarity and adaptability to thicken or thin paint.

Marion Boddy-Evans is a professional quilter, artist and writer with 15 years of experience specializing in quilting and painting. However, the painting Picasso used in the early 20th century had more in common with artists' oil paintings than with much domestic paint available today, and is believed to have greater longevity. I paint in h on hardboard (which has a surf surface textured a bit like canvas), MDF or plywood. I want to use the paints, after applying a couple of layers of homemade plaster, on birch plywood, as a canvas.

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